Matt Quakes is one of the main characters of the Rayraids: Battle Storm series. His Rayraid is Terra Gorebull.


Matt is a young 10-year-old with scraggy blonde hair and dark-blue eyes. He has a pale skin tone, freckles, and bushy eyebrows. Matt wears a dark-green T-shirt with a red collar and gold buckles on the shoulders. He also wears red jeans with white-and-blue shoes.


Matt is a fun-loving, good-hearted, and talented young boy who sees everything good. He likes to have battles because he thinks of them as another way to have fun with others.


  • Terra Gorebull: Matt's primary Defense-type Rayraid based on Genbu, known as the Black Tortoise. Its element is Earth.

Gorebull appears as a gargantuan, green-and-brown tortoise wielding a spiked hammer.

Special MovesEdit

  • Iron Shield: Gorebull crosses its arms and activates a barrier-like shield around it. It is a strong and powerful shield that blocks all Rayraids' oncoming attacks, giving Gorebull a defensive stand.
  • Terra Buster: Gorebull roars violently and unleashes a powerful bust of quakes that shatter the opponent's speed and endurance. The quakes are activated when Gorebull slams its feet multiple times onto the ground as a strategy to weaken the opponent.
  • Rock Hammer: Gorebull sheaths its enormous iron hammer and hurls it into the ground. Gorebull's strength is strong enough to cause the ground to emmit a powerful earthquake that damages the opponent.
  • Fissure Blast: Gorebull starts glowing in a dark-brown aura and creates a powerful fissure that attacks the opponent with an uppercut from the ground. When unleashed, this attack demolishes the ground and strikes the Rayraid, making it impossible for the opponent to escape. This is Gorebull's most powerful Special Move.


  • Matt is the only main character not to have a Japanese name.
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