Akuira Griffon (Japanese: グリフィンアクイラ Gurifin Akuira) is one of the main protagonists of the animated series, Rayraids: Battle Storm.

Nicknamed the Rising Phoenix, Akuira appears as one of the most strongest Raiders in the world, becoming Blaze Ryugane's ultimate rival. In battle, Akuira is a fierce and invincible Raider who uses strategy and aims to rise as the powerful Phoenix like his Wind-element Speed-type Rayraid, Aerial Skypher.


Akuira is a tall 14-year-old teenager with gray eyes and long, spiky hair with pale-violet highlights tied in a ponytail. He has light skin, an X-like shape on the base of his chin, and claw-like marks around his eyes. He also wears a silver, Eagle-like necklace

He wears a long, short-sleeved black vest with a white collar and yellow lines over a long-sleeved, dark-green shirt with black lines going down the sleeves, a V-neck collar, beige rider gloves are worn, and a black belt wraps around the waist. He wears a pair of long, dark-purple pants with loose straps and are tucked into dark-gray boots.


Akuira is a young man with a calm, serious, and rather fearsome character that makes him a tough Raider.


Rayraids: Battle StormEdit

The Rising Phoenix Has LandedEdit

Akuira makes an appearance during Blaze's battle with a couple of Raiders...


  • Aerial Skypher: Akuira's current Speed-type, Wind-element Rayraid based on the mythical Phoenix.

Special MovesEdit

  • Aerial Whirlwind Slash
  • Phoenix Storm Assault
  • Phoenix Destruction Wind Strike


  • Akuira's name is Japanese for the eagle constellation, Aquila.
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